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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Skin Care

Inspired by nature and perfected by advanced technology.

Looking and feeling your best means nourishing your body inside and out. That’s why POLA created a world of personal care products that complement our nutritional programs to improve the appearance of your body, skin and hair.



Lotions, creams and milks that maintain moisture effectively. Leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and refreshed.

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Day & Day Vitax Deep Moisture Essence  Deep Moisture is a moisture rich essence suplemented with a high concetration of vitamin A......more
Day & Day Vitax Balancing Esence  Controls oily zone and replenishes moisture to dry zone......more
Day & Day Vitax Smooth Up Milk  A moisturiser which acts as a protective shield......more
Day & Day Vitax Vita Force Cream  Light, non-greasy formula with highest cocentration of vitamins in this product range......more
Botanex Hydrating Essence 0.9 fl. oz.  Deep penetrating concentrated formula......more
Botanex Moisture Lotion 3.3 fl. oz.  Protects the skin from environmental elements.....more
Botanex Emollient Cream 1.1. oz.  A luxuriosly enriched cream.....more
Botanex Eye Cream 0.67 oz.  Developed especially for the delicate eye area.....more
Polissima Moisture Milk (R/S) 3.0 fl. oz.  Nourishing milk lotion that helps skin......more
Polissima Emollient Cream (R/S) 1.0 oz.  Feathery soft Cream that works all night long......more
Whitissimo Cream White 1.0 oz.  Cream rich in active agents......more
Whitissimo Sheet Pack White 60 sheets  .....more
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